Historics auctions a Rare 1965 Aston Martin DB5 Convertible

The Historics is the latest and top auction house in the United Kingdom when it comes to the greatest finds of the automobile world.  This September, a rare 1965 Ashton Martin DB5 convertible will be auctioned along with its original hardtop. Only 123 units of the rare Ashton Martin DB5 convertible were produced from 1963 to 1965.  Today, only a handful of these rare convertibles remain intact with their original hardtop.

There is a saying that an Ashton Martini will always be an Ashton Martini and that despite the age of the 1965 Ashton Martin DB5 convertible, this particular model is still a dream come true of automobile enthusiasts.  The 1965 Ashton Martin DB5 convertible that will be auctioned boasts of its original white exterior body with a red mohair hood to match.  It registered 100,000 mileages along with two engine overhauls one in 1975 and in 1986.  The DB5 convertible comes with a very powerful Vantage engine.  It is said that this rare DB5 convertible has gone through three owners since 1965.  Based on the pictures, it has retained its high-profile glamour all these years.

According to auction experts at Historics, the 1965 Ashton Martin DB5 convertible can rake in a figure between US$547,000 – $703,000 (£350,000 -£450,000).  This rare find is expected to earn 100 times more compared to its original selling price of £4,562 back in good old 1965.

Aside from the Ashton Martini, a 1937 Bentley, a Lister-Jaguar, and Kylie Minogue’s Mercedes also went through the hammer.

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