Aston Martin releases new details about the Lagonda SUV

Aston Martin like their competitors and counterparts is trying to expand their lineup but not simply to meet the needed average fuel mileage needed for their fleet like the move with theirnm Aston Martin Cygnet based on the Toyota iQ.

Aston Martin recently announced that they will be putting into production the Lagonda SUV that was unveiled during the 2009 motor show in Geneva. According to some reports, The W166 of the Mercedes-Benz M Class would serve as the basis for the luxury SUV.

Since the M-Class will be utilized as the base platform of the next GL-Class, the luxury carmaker will be coming up with a longer W166 platform and this will go into the new GL Class. This longer platform will be the one tapped by Aston Martin for making its Lagonda SUV.

Both luxury brands are pushing for the Lagonda since the luxury SUV has a very good potential to return good sales numbers. The market for the likes of the Lagonda in Russia and China is booming since they are still on the stage of developing their network of infrastructures and vehicles that can go off-road come very useful.

During a press briefing, Mercedes Benz also confirmed that they will be producing the AMG edition of W166 ML that will have a V8 5.5L twin turbocharged engine that can give out 515 horsepower and monstrous torque of 516 ln-ft.

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