Video: Aston Martin showcases revised V8 Vantage

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Aston Martin recently the updated version of their V8 Vantage during the motor show in Geneva. The changes on the outside are not major like the new bumper in front and on the rear, new diffuser and splitter but the more significant revisions happened under its skin.

The output of the base model of the V8 Vantage has been improved to 430 HP and a torque of 361 lb-ft. The steering ratio has also been tweaked to be faster while the brakes are bigger and the tires are wider. Alfa also gives consumers an option to have a 7-speed Sportshift II transmission .

The V8 Vantage according to Aston Martin is where pure motion blends well with total control. It is pretty vague what they mean with that but what is clear is that looks great as it blazes thru the dark night on the streets of Paris. The sound of the engine is impeccable too and just to die for. We are pretty sure that any driver will wish to be behind its wheel, drive for hours, and appreciate the orchestra of the exhaust pipes.

The plot of the video is just simple but the cinematography is worth some praises. The washed-out colour serves the dramatic purposes of the video. Hmm… we are just wondering if the story could have been better if the driver of the Aston Martin left a bit earlier, the meet up would with the wife or girlfriend or mistress could be somewhere dry.

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